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Hybridiaani is the list for student union council elections formed from the students in the faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The candidates are independent from any political parties and once elected to the council, they don’t have to follow any party discipline, just vote according to their own opinions. The common factor between the candidates in Hybridaani is that they are scientists, who think rationally!

Our points of view for the elections

1. We need new places for students in Turku

In September’s student union council meeting, Hybridiaani together with Eduxi, Humanistilista and Soihdunkantajat stated that “Students have lost a lot of premises in the last few years and student activity in Turku is not what it used to be. New premises bring places for studying as well as free time for associations and their members. Multipurpose places for students can serve as a start for interdisciplinary co-operation and can help create an authentic sense of community.”

Many old places have gone extinct or are going to. These places have been in a very good use and the need for substitutive places is great. Current alternative places are usually reserved and very expensive. Even though initiative for a new student center got to a good start, we want concrete ideas about the new place from the fundamental working committee.

Say yes to unforgettable student years!

2. We have to safeguard the continuance of our student organizations’ work 

Activity of our organizations is well targeted from students to students. Even if it’s a subject organization, a hobby organization or a student nation, every student can find congenial people from TYY’s broad and versatile assortment. Many of these organizations are dependent of TYY’s financial aid and supporting these organizations supports the activity of our student union. The guidance and education from TYY are equally important to many of our organizations.

3. The development of electronic services and increasing the flexibility of studies

Tenttiakvaario(computer exams) is not used as much as it should and could be. Increasing the use of these electronic services requires the education of staff into using these mediums. Additionally the the feedback systems in different faculties and even subjects is too scattered. We should find a uniform and general channel for feedback which is implemented in every course. Courses could also be transformed to web-based courses more and more. Videos of lectures and easily accessible extra material would pay better attention to different life situations. This would increase the flexibility of the studies.

4. Guidance counselling

The progression of studies should be supported with the the highest quality of guidance counselling possible.

5. Postgraduates at TYY

The status of postgraduate students at TYY is a constant talking point but it lacks concrete actions. The field of postgraduates is really broad and differences between faculties as well as subjects are wide. Others have their own workrooms, guidance and support while others have to work without these. Also the financing for postgraduate work differs widely. TYY should work on promotion of interests also for postgraduates so that TYY’s membership would give them much more than just the usual calendar.

6. Supervision of student interests

The influence of the council group Hybridiaani isn’t limited only to the student union council. We also work together with subject organizations. We encourage people to increase the collaboration between different subjects because knowing the procedures at other departments can be helpful at your own department.

Our aim is to make TYY more easily approachable for the everyday student as well as those actively involved in organizations. What is also very important is that students will continue to be included in the decision making progress at every level in the university.